Monday, December 7, 2009

Peace on Earth Good Will to All....

This is the time to think about peace. Let us know what that might look like, sound like, be like....for you this season. When we start concentrating more of our time and energy on peace then there will BE more peace in our world. Please add your thoughts for others to see at this special time of giving on this site or stop by the Holiday House to express yourself! We have many materials for you to have your say! Perhaps you would just like to have a conversation! Looking forward to seeing you at the Holiday House in Winnebago, MN at the old Roxy Theater during this special season of giving.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Holiday House is now Open @ old the Roxy Theater in Winnebago with the theme: THE SPIRIT OF GIVING! Come join us for a time to reflect, engage and ponder the idea of giving this season. You may join us in activities or spend time viewing the displays that show some ways to give this season that might bring you great joy! Hopefully you may begin to experience greater peace on earth in your life!

The Holiday House will be open:

Thursday 10th: 3pm-7pm
Sunday 13th: 11am-2pm
Tuesday, 15th: 3pm-8pm
Sunday 20: 11am-2pm
Monday 21: 2pm-?
Tuesday 22: 2pm-?
Wednesday 23: 11pm-? $400 merchants punch card drawing @ noon
Thursday: 24: ? Christmas Eve by appointment
Friday: Merry Christmas

Days after Christmas: open by calling Melissa Anne @ 507-399-9880
Stay Tuned for details!

Please join Kids Against Hunger who will be packing 15,000 meals by Jan 1, 2010 at the Holiday House! Next scheduled pack is on Sunday December 13 from 11am-2pm. If you or your group would like a different time to pack please contact Melissa Anne.

Still looking for additional addresses of active military personal to receive cards this holiday.

Write your letters to Santa at the Holiday House!

Be a part of our new book this month: "Peace on Earth Good Will to All"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Have Dream Will Travel

Welcome to my world of peace! I have been a peacemaker all my life and now I am taking my show on the road with my recent find of the Lady Bug trailer! Everywhere we travel she is an instant invitation for others to smile and let their inner joy beam out into their world! I invite everyone to step inside this trailer and have an incredible experience of peace in the moment! We travel to facilitate my first priority dream of a peaceful world which would have no starving children--are you aware that presently every 12 seconds a child under 5 dies from hunger? This is no longer acceptable to me as a citizen of the world when there is an organization that can package and deliver a meal for only 23 cents a child. My longer range dream is to help eliminate hunger period! I am dedicated to changing the economics of the world utilizing a 21st century tool whose time has come for everyone to use. We must recapture our dreams for a peaceful world! Will you join me in whatever way you can today?
The Lady Bug n Me 4 point plan of action:
1. I invite everyone to become more peaceful in their thoughts, words and deeds today.
2. I will assist others to clarify their dreams.
3. I invite everyone to join my dream to eliminate hunger by utilizing:
4. I invite everyone to change the economics of the world by creating a more Healthy Home using a 21st century tool:

Even the smallest of creatures can change the world...Fellowship of the Rings movie Do you feel that you are a small creature in our world? Join me and Lady Bug in our efforts to help change this world into a more peaceful space to be today! Blessings of peace now and always!